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VisiQuick for Dental Laboratories

As a dental laboratory, your company often receives teeth casts and photos to help you produce crowns and bridges for the dentist. With VisiQuick Lab version, you can save hours by using fewer resources for transporting.

With VisiQuick Lab version, you can receive all the various kinds of photos automatically, with a single mouse click. Photos from classical cameras, digital cameras and intra-oral cameras can be used with ease.

Incoming images are automatically presented to the proper technician. Comments can be added to the image and automatically returned to the dentist for clarifications.
Teamwork was never so easy
  • Comments can be added to the image and automatically returned to the sender.
  • Return images to your colleagues with added annotations with a single click.
  • Send images to colleagues, laboratories, dental surgeons, insurance companies with a single click.
  • Scan incoming documents and save them with the patient.
  • Your team in all clinics can work with the same patient data.
  • With VisiQuick you can replicate the X-Ray, images and other documents in all your clinics.
Keep your data secure and organized
  • Multi-practice capable (each dentist can have his/her own patient database).
  • Scan incoming documents and store them in the right place.
  • Finds lost or misplaced photos.
  • File any kind of images and documents in your patient's file.
  • VisiQuick easily works with your patient administration program.
  • Clearly see the status of the image.
  • Automatically file your patients' information, documents, X-Ray, videos, and images.
Make changes on site
  • Do measurements and include text on the image.
  • Edit and save images taken with an intraoral camera, surgical cameras or with an operating microscope.
  • Image enhancement on-screen (Contrast, Gamma...).
  • Zoom images on-screen.
  • Soft-tissue filter.
  • Endo-file-, length-, angle measurements on-screen.
  • Placing implants tools.