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VisiQuick for Insurance Companies

As an insurance company, you often receive policy application forms with X-Ray images from dentists, for evaluation. These X-Ray images must be diagnosed, and returned back to the dentist.

In this process, occasionally images tend to get lost. In addition, the dentist must prepare an envelope and send it to the proper insurance company. With the communication power in VisiQuick, there is no more risk of missing photos, no more envelopes and postal stamps, no more delays.

The dentist can send the scanned application-form and the selected X-Ray- and color images by only dragging them to the send window. VisiQuick will send the images and documents to the proper email address. You can view the photos and print the application-form using VisiQuick.
Get your images fast and safe

With VisiQuick, it is easy to receive all kinds of images automatically.

  • Obtain images from any source: Classical X-Rays, Digital X-Rays, Classical Cameras, Digital Cameras, Extra/Intra-Oral Cameras, Flatbed scanners.
  • Comments can be added to the image and automatically returned for clarifications.
  • Use your 3D software and view the images with one click.
Keep your data secure and organized
  • Multi-practice capable (each practice can have his/her own patient database).
  • Finds lost or misplaced photos in your VisiQuick database.
  • File any kind of images and documents in your patient's file.
  • Clearly see the status of the image.
  • Automatically file your patients' information, documents, X-Ray, videos, and images.
Teamwork was never so easy
  • Comments can be added to the image and automatically returned to the sender.
  • Return photos to your colleagues and clients with added annotations with a single click.
  • With VisiQuick, send images to colleagues, laboratories, dental surgeons with a single click.
  • Scan incoming documents and save them with the patient.
  • Your team in all clinics can work with the same patient data.