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VisiQuick for Veterinarians

VisiQuick Vet allows you to work with both X-Ray photos and digital images.

VisiQuick Vet handles all your digital image needs, as well as letting you use the most modern communication methods for exchanging images with others.

VisiQuick Vet is connected to your administration program. No need to enter your pet's information twice. VisiQuick receives all information automatically regardless your computer system.

VisiQuick Vet allows you to easy save and print your x-ray images in a format to send to insurance companies.

Images that follow you
  • Load your photos automatically to VisiQuick Vet via Wi-Fi.
  • View X-Ray and other images at the chair, the desk, in short, on any pc in your practice.
  • Use your 3D software and view the images with one click.
  • Send photos to colleagues, insurance companies easily from VisiQuick.
  • Easily find images you recently made.
  • Open your patient's file in a second workstation with one click.
Keep your data secure and organized
  • Multi-practice capable (each veterinarian can have his/her own patient database).
  • Scan incoming documents and store them in the right place.
  • Finds lost or misplaced photos.
  • File any kind of images and documents in your patient's file.
  • VisiQuick Vet easily works with your patient administration program.
  • Clearly see the status of the image.
  • Automatically file your patients' information, documents, X-ray, videos, and images.
Make changes on the image
  • Do measurements and include text on the image.
  • Edit and save images taken with a camera.
  • Image enhancement on-screen (Contrast, Gamma...).
  • Zoom images on-screen.
  • Soft-tissue filter.
  • Endo-file-, length-, angle measurements on-screen.