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How to buy VisiQuick

VisiQuick and our dedicated softwares for Veterinarians (VisiQuick Vet) and dental laboratories (VisiQuick Lab) have a module structure.

You can get VisiQuick for as many workstations you need, and for different X-ray and images modules you need to run your practice.

VisiQuick is globally distributed by our VisiQuick dealers.

Would you like continuous support? Don't forget to also ask for our VisiQuick Service Contract.
VisiQuick expands with you

VisiQuick is modular. It can be expanded as desired.
To start, you need VisiQuick Multi-user base module with the correct number of workstations. You can add then one or more X-links.

Do you have more than one clinic? With VisiQuick, new images and changes are automatically copied to all your clinics. Your team can work with the same patient data.

Check on the image to see a number of possibilities.

Conversions to VisiQuick

We can convert your old files and xrays to VisiQuick files:

Emago - Digora - Apteryx - Cliniview - DbsWin - DentAView - Dental-Eye - Dexis - Dimaxis - DixiView - ExquiRay - Fimet - FlexiView - Kodak/Trophy - Mediadent - NovaX - OrthWin - Schick - Sidexis - ViperRay - VixWin.

VisiQuick connectivity

You don't need to learn three or four different software applications when using VisiQuick for every imaging device.

VisiQuick support large number of sensors, images, scanners, 3D, units, printers, Facad, among others.

VisiQuick is automatically activated from your patient management program. All these files can be opened from anywhere in a network.

VisiQuick connectivity

  • Phosphor plate scanners: Apixia - Denoptix (Gendex) - Digident - Digora (Soredex) - Express (Instrumentarium) - Fire CR (3 Disc) - Kodak / Carestream - ProScanner (Planmeca) - PSPIX (Acteon) - Scan eXam (KaVo) - VistaScan (Dürr Dental).

  • Sensors: Cygnus - Dexis - Dixi (Planmeca) - E2V - EVA - Fimet - Gendex - Hamamatsu - Instrumentarium - Krystal-X (Owandy) - MyRay (Cefla) - Progeny - RVG (Kodak) - Schick - Sirona - Sopix (Acteon) - Suni - Toto (Soredex) - Vatech - Visiodent - VistaRay (Dürr Dental).

  • PAN, CEPH, 3D: Ajat - Asahi - Cranex (Soredex) - Ewoo - Gendex - iCat - Instrumentarium - KaVo - Kodak - Morita - MyRay - NewTom - Owandy - Planmeca - Samsung - Scanora (Soredex) - Sirona - Vatech.

  • Intraoral video: Claris - C-U2 (MyRay) - DiagnoCam (KaVo) - Digital Endoscope - Dr. Mach camera - Iris - Kodak / Carestream - PointNix - Schick - Sopro (Acteon) - SuniCam - Vidi (Soredex) - VistaCam (Dürr Dental) - Whicam Story2 (GoodDrs) - Win-100D (Winus).

  • Units: KaVo - Planmeca - Sirona Teneo, Sinius, C4+ - XO Care (Smartlink).

  • Practice management softwares: AlDente - Alma-TLS - Baltes - Charly - Compudent Z1 - Dental Suite - Dentio - Evolution - Exquise - Integra - JDS-Wind - MMS - Novadent - Oase - Opus Dental - OrthWin - ProtasXL - Robadent - SmartLink - Simplex - Tabdents - Tasq - Titanium.

VisiQuick Service Contract

Maintaining your VisiQuick with automatic updates ensures reliability and improves productivity and flexibility. Because VisiQuick is the integrator of your equipments, it is a vital part of your business. If you add new equipment to your practice without updating VisiQuick, you are risking your ability to efficiently attend your patients. Downtime is one of the most expensive results of even minimal neglect.

Many of our clients already benefit the advantages of being ensured of regular updates and free remote technical support, just by having a VisiQuick Service Contract.

We offer special support packages for 3 and 5 years. Just contact your personal dealer.

You don't have a dealer? No problem, just fill in this form and we will contact you.